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Automatic Pressure Washer DB-80

or 3 X රු 12,614 with Koko Koko
Rated voltage 230V Rated frequency 50Hz Motor 1500W Working pressure 80Bar Power 2Hp Discharge 480L/Hrs. Maximum inlet temperature 40 Type Induction motor

DBL Industrial High Pressure Washer DB55

Original price was: රු70,619.00.Current price is: රු67,088.05.
or 3 X රු 23,540 with Koko Koko
Rated voltage 230V Rated frequency 50Hz Motor 2500W Power 3.3Hp Maximum pressure 150Bar Discharge 600L/Hrs. Inlet pressure 3Bar Hose length 10m

DBL Pressure Washer DB426-100B

Original price was: රු22,495.00.Current price is: රු21,370.25.
or 3 X රු 7,498 with Koko Koko
Voltage 230 50Hz Power 1400W Rated pressure 70bar Maximum pressure 100bar Rated flow 5.5L/ min Motor type Carbon brush Hose length 5mtr/ 120bar Power code 5mtr Pvc

DBL Pressure Washer DB532-SC120

Original price was: රු29,994.00.Current price is: රු28,494.30.
or 3 X රු 9,998 with Koko Koko
Voltage 230 50Hz Power 1500W Rated pressure 100bar Maximum pressure 140bar Rated flow 6L/min Motor type: Carbon brush Hose length: 5mtr/ 160Bar Power Code 5mtr Pvc

DITEC High Pressure 250bar 7.5kW

Original price was: රු288,000.00.Current price is: රු273,600.00.
or 3 X රු 96,000 with Koko Koko
10HP Three Phase 100% Copper wire motor Rated Pressure: 250Bar Flow Rate: 13L/Min Power: 7.5kW (10HP) Voltage: 380V Speed: 1440rpm

DITEC High Pressure Washer 1400W

or 3 X රු 7,718 with Koko Koko
Model LT201-1400 Rated voltage 220-240V Frequency 50/60Hz Input power 1400W Rated pressure 80bar Maximum pressure 110bar Rated flow 5.5L/min Maximum pressure water supply 1MPa Maximum water temperature 50°C Water protection class IPX5

DITEC High Pressure Washer 1800W

Original price was: රු29,995.00.Current price is: රු25,645.25.
or 3 X රු 8,998 with Koko Koko
Power: 1800W Max Pressure: 130 bar Rated Pressure: 100 bar Max Flow: 7 l/min Rated Flow: 6 l/min Max Inlet Pressure: 1.2 MPa Max Temperature: 50 C

DITEC High Pressure Washer 70bar 1300W – Motor Type

Original price was: රු27,995.00.Current price is: රු26,595.25.
or 3 X රු 9,332 with Koko Koko
Model: BT202-07 Type: Motor type (copper winding) Power: 1300W Voltage: 230V-50Hz Max Pressure: 105bar Rated pressure: 70bar Max water inlet pressure: 1.2MPa Max water inlet temperature: 40'C

DITEC High Pressure Washer QL280

Original price was: රු47,995.00.Current price is: රු45,595.25.
or 3 X රු 15,998 with Koko Koko
Model QL-280 Input power 1300W Rated voltage 220-240V Rated frequency 50-60Hz Maximum pressure 8MPa Operating pressure 1.7MPa(adjustable) Turn speed 2800r/min Theory flow 10L/min Single phase motor Current 8A Insulation B Waterproof IP44

INGCO High Pressure Washer 1200W

Original price was: රු28,500.00.Current price is: රු25,650.00.
or 3 X රු 9,000 with Koko Koko
Rated voltage 220-240V Rated frequency 50/60Hz Input power 1200W No-load speed 16800/min Maximum pressure 90bar(1300psi) Rated flow 5.5L/min Aluminum wire motor Auto stop system Packed by carton box Six months repair warranty ONLY FOR HOME USE

INGCO High Pressure Washer 1300W

Original price was: රු26,429.00.Current price is: රු21,143.00.
or 3 X රු 7,419 with Koko Koko
Motor Power 1400 W Power Requirement 220-240V Power Rating 1.4 kW Maximum Pressure 130 Bar Water Flow Rate 330 L/h Hose Length 5 m


Original price was: රු65,536.00.Current price is: රු52,429.00.
or 3 X රු 18,396 with Koko Koko
Rated voltage 220-240V Rated frequency 50Hz Input power 2000W Copper wire induction motor Rated pressure 110Bar (1600psi) Maximum pressure 150Bar (2200psi) Rated flow 6.0L/min Maximum inlet pressure 0.7Mp Degree of protection IPX5 Accessories included; 01Pcs soap bottle, 01 set water spray gun(AMSG028), 05m high pressure hose(AHPH5028) Packed by color box