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BOSCH Orbital Sander GSS 140

Original price was: රු16,465.00.Current price is: රු15,642.00.
or 3 X රු 5,488 with Koko Koko
Rated input power 220W No-load speed 14,000rpm No-load orbital stroke rate 28,000opm Oscillating circuit diameter 1.5mm Sanding plate (width,length) 101mm, 112mm Sanding sheet for clamping (width,length) 114mm, 140mm Vibration emission value ah 7m/s² Includes; 03Pcs sanding sheet

BOSCH Orbital Sander GSS 2300

Original price was: රු30,200.00.Current price is: රු28,690.00.
or 3 X රු 10,067 with Koko Koko
Input power 190W Rated voltage 220-240V Rated frequency 50-60Hz No-load speed 12,000rpm No-load orbital stroke rate 24,000opm Oscillating circuit diameter 2mm Sanding plate (width x length) 92mm x 182mm Sanding sheet for clamping (width x length) 93mm x 230mm Sanding sheet with hook-and-loop fastening (width x length) 93mm x 185mm

CROWN Finishing Sander 220W 187*90MM

Original price was: රු12,494.00.Current price is: රු11,869.30.
or 3 X රු 4,165 with Koko Koko
Weight 2.00 kg Mark CROWN No-load speed 6000-11000 minutes Rated power 220W Sanding surface 187 x 90 mm Tension 230 V Dimensions of the saw Base plate size: 187 x 90 mm

DEWALT Palm Sander

Original price was: රු16,244.00.Current price is: රු15,431.80.
or 3 X රු 5,415 with Koko Koko
Rated voltage 220-240V Rated frequency 50/60Hz Power input 230W Orbital stroke rate 14000/min Pad size 108mm x 115mm 1/4 Sheet sander Dust bag with built-in extractor connection

DongCheng Orbital Sander DSB100

Original price was: රු12,990.00.Current price is: රු9,093.00.
or 3 X රු 3,191 with Koko Koko
Rated power input 150W Orbits frequency 12000…/min Pad size 100mm x 110mm

DongCheng Orbital Sander DSB185

Original price was: රු13,950.00.Current price is: රු9,765.00.
or 3 X රු 3,426 with Koko Koko
Rated power input 160W Orbits frequency 10000…/min Pad size 93mm x 185mm

DongCheng Orbital Sander DSB234

Original price was: රු27,950.00.Current price is: රු19,565.00.
or 3 X රු 6,865 with Koko Koko
Rated power input 520W Orbits frequency 10000/min Pad size 114mm x 234mm High-efficiency motor with wide sandpaper Suitable for large area of sanding operation

DUBHE Plam Sander 240W

Original price was: රු9,995.00.Current price is: රු9,495.25.
or 3 X රු 3,332 with Koko Koko
Brand DHUBE Item Plam Sander Rated Voltage 220V/50HZ Power Input 240W No Load Speed 14000/min Pad size 100 x110mm

Hugo Max Sander 200W SM7283

or 3 X රු 3,507 with Koko Koko
Model: SM7283 Product: Hugo Max Sander 220W SM7283 Voltage: 220v / 50Hz Power: 200W Speed: 10000 rpm Size: 92mm x 183mm

HUGO Sander 240W ES3101

Original price was: රු9,495.00.Current price is: රු9,020.25.
or 3 X රු 3,165 with Koko Koko
Model: ES3101 Product: Hugo Sander 240W ES3101 Voltage: 220v / 50Hz Power: 240W Speed: 14500 rpm Size: 110mm x 100mm

INGCO Finishing Sander 320W

Original price was: රු18,750.00.Current price is: රු15,000.00.
or 3 X රු 5,263 with Koko Koko
Input power 320W Rated voltage 220-240V Rated frequency 50/60Hz No-load speed 14000/min Bottom base 180mm x 90mm Aluminum base 05Pcs sanding sheet free Six months repair warranty

MAKUTE Sander 480W

Original price was: රු20,440.00.Current price is: රු17,374.00.
or 3 X රු 6,096 with Koko Koko
Input power 480W Rated voltage 220-240V Rated frequency 50-60Hz No-load speed 14000r/min Pad size 93 x 185mm